Hamster Film produces a German history adventure

An adventurous story about the "real" happenings of November 9, 1989 in Germany, the day the wall came down! For ten-year-old FRIEDERIKE (10) October 1989 gets off to a disastrous start: her beloved UNCLE MIKE (27) is expelled from the GDR and has to leave the country within 48 hours. Inspired by her big idol Captain Burgh, Friederike and her friends JONATHAN (10) and FABIAN (10) construct a teleporting machine to "beam" her uncle Mike back to the GDR. But the experiment dramatically fails. Instead of successfully beaming the three kids across, the entire village population disappears! For a moment it seems that Friederike and her friends are the last remaining kids on earth. But TV proves what Friederike had immediately suspected: they have managed to beam everybody but themselves to West Berlin. They witness on TV how their families and friends desperately try to climb back over the Wall to their home country. Only quick thinking and action can undo the experiment and prevent the worst from happening before the border guards open fire. A race against time and the nasty local policeman MAUDER begins.

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