Company Profile
In July 2013 Dutch production company Lemming Film opened it's Germany sister company; Hamster Film, which is headed by Leontine Petit. The company aims to broaden the scope of children and family films on offer in Germany, developing attractive, high-quality genre cinema and TV drama, targeted for specific age groups and rooted in contemporary German culture

• In addition to larger-budgeted blockbusters, Hamster Film will produce well-targeted films for more modest budgets.

• In addition to family films, Hamster Film will develop films targeted at specific age groups like pre-school and teenagers.

• In addition to bestseller-based adaptations, Hamster Film will produce films based on original stories.

The productions can be modest or big, based on original stories or adaptations; but they will all appeal to the pursuits, the imagination and the demands of today’s children, teenagers and families.

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